SSP700 Full Size Image.jpg

A Self Contained, Pole Mountable Power System for use with WiFi Access Points


8 Hours+ of mobile power


The SP700 standalone power pack is a rugged, portable self-contained power system that is compatible with most WiFi access points. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack, it will provide power to an access point for up to 8 hours and can be used in most situations where temporary mobile (mains power free) WiFi communication is required.

"An indispensible tool for wireless network professionals"

I bought my PoE battery pack over 8 years ago and in that time I have only had to swap out the battery once and that was very recently, it’s been so reliable that I have not had to worry about having a spare with me all the time. Its design and small form factor has allowed me to easily carry it on foot on public transport including the tube. Its easily charged and provides a steady PoE supply for a whole day on site, without it the whole survey process would take much longer. During its lifetime it has provided a PoE supply for the older model access points but has kept up with the most recent ones too and all the elements are still as sound as the day it was made.
— Steve, Wireless Technical Architect